Unit 1 Assessment

Digital Citizenship: A plan for social good

The “sharks” on Shark Tank have decided to take a break from their capital investments and give $1,000 grants to youth who can create proposals for an online site for social good. In our click-happy world, you are being commissioned to inspire others to use their clicks for a good cause that will make an impact either locally or globally through social networking. Create a proposal to submit to the “sharks” about a cause that can make a positive difference in the lives of people around you.

Please consider the following:

Who is the target audience for the site?
What is the personal connection you have to this cause?
How can you use that to draw others to this cause?
What social networks will you use to spread this social good? Why have you chosen these networks?
What is your projected reach for your audience?
How will you make your cause known? What is your strategic plan?
What is the projected impact that you hope to make?
What are the personal and indirect risks to launching this site?

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